Want khổng lồ install Photoshop on your Mac? We'll show you how to get the full version, save money, or even get Photoshop for free!


Apple’s free Mac apps: Photos & Preview can get the basics of editing an image or photograph, but if you want to bởi anything more advanced you’ll need a dedicated image editing app. Adobe’s Photoshop is the industry standard, due lớn its wide range of features and capabilities.

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Here’s how to lớn get a copy of Photoshop on your Mac, or, failing that, the next best thing. Plus, because you can’t beat free, we’ll also explain your options for getting Photoshop on Mac for free.

If you’d like to get the same software on your tablet, read How to get Photoshop on iPad.

How to get Photoshop không lấy phí on a Mac

A lot of people will be wondering if there is a way khổng lồ get Photoshop for không tính tiền on a Mac. First a warning: if you find Photoshop on a file sharing site don’t download it. This is because it’s very unlikely to be a legitimate version of the app & will almost definitely cause you problems – this is how viruses spread.

There’s no completely miễn phí version of Adobe Photoshop, but there are a couple of options that could get you a copy of Photoshop không lấy phí for a limited time, or on a short term subscription.

The first option is a Photoshop trial. There is a 7-day không tính tiền trial that gives you access to lớn the full program, with no restrictions.

While Adobe advertises the không tính phí 7-day trial, you can actually get 14-days free, because you can cancel within 14-days of your initial order và get fully refunded. In fact you could, theoretically, get 21 days không tính tiền if you had the trial và then cancelled your subscription after 13 days.

The second option is signing up for a monthly subscription on a monthly rather than an annual basis. This won’t give you Photoshop for free, but the option will allow you to lớn subscribe lớn Adobe Photoshop on a temporary basis và cancel when you no longer need it. We’ll run through the various subscription options in the sections below.

To explain how it works we need khổng lồ explain the difference between Adobe’s two monthly subscription packages:

There are two monthly subscription packages: one is cheaper (£19.97/$20.99/AU$29.99 a month) because it is part of an annual plan; the other is a more expensive option (£30.34/$31.49/AU$45.99 a month), but you can cancel without having to pay Adobe anything.

Adobe explains the legal terms of the various contracts here. Basically, if you sign up for the cheaper ‘annual contract, paid monthly’ and then choose to kết thúc your subscription you will be able to vì so, but if you kết thúc the contract after the first 14 days “you’ll be charged a lump sum amount of một nửa of your remaining contract obligation and your service will continue until the over of that month’s billing period.”

This is a slightly better scenario than if you were paying annually – in that case your contract will continue lớn the kết thúc of the term. You wouldn’t get any money back.

Which is why the best option in this case is lớn sign up for the month-to-month contract. In this case the contract will automatically renew every month, but should you choose khổng lồ cancel (we explain how to lớn cancel below) you will be able to use Photoshop until the end of that month, at which point your contract will cease.

If you need Photoshop but you don’t want to lớn tie yourself into a contract with Adobe this could be the best option for you. However, you should cảnh báo that you will đại bại access to anything you have saved in Adobe’s cloud after 90 days.

Sign up on Adobe’s website.

If these options aren’t right for you, but you don’t want lớn pay for Photoshop you will need to look for alternatives to Photoshop. We have a round up of the Best Mac miễn phí and cheap image and photo editors, which includes some không tính tiền options such as Seashore & Gimp.

How to lớn get Photoshop on a Mac without a subscription

If you were hoping khổng lồ buy a copy of Photoshop lớn own, as in not paying on a subscription basis, we have some bad news for you: Adobe no longer sells what is know as a ‘perpetual license’ for Photoshop and its other apps.

There is one option though: you can buy Photoshop Elements. Photoshop Elements is a designed for amateur rather than pro photographers, but it does offer a number of photo editing features that might be sufficient for your needs.

You can buy a copy of Photoshop Elements directly from Adobe’s website for £86.56/US$99.99/AU$145.19: Buy Photoshop Elements 2021 from Adobe.

You can also buy Photoshop Elements or on the Mac ứng dụng Store, but it actually costs more if you buy from táo bị cắn dở (£99/$99/AU$159.99).


The benefit of Photoshop Elements is that you can buy it outright and install it on your Mac. You will have access khổng lồ features like masks, layers, colourisation, image manipulation và other useful, more consumer-level effects with Elements.

If you’re a creative professional though, or are used to the full-blown version of Photoshop, then you may find too many tools missing from the box. If you want to lớn take a look there’s also a 7-day không tính tiền trial so you can take the software for a chạy thử run.

Understandably there are lots of Mac users who are disappointed that Adobe doesn’t sell a ‘perpetual license’ for the full version of Photoshop any more. Many years ago professional Mac users might have owned a version of Adobe CS & used it for years, but the slow rate at which companies updated probably lead Adobe khổng lồ switch to a subscription model.

If you don’t care about how up to date your software is you might be interested in buying a second hand copy of Photoshop, or an old Mac with Photoshop installed. Just be aware that Adobe doesn’t tư vấn all older versions in terms of updates, so the ones you find might not be compatible with later iterations of macOS, plus newer Macs won’t run old versions of Photoshop.

You’ll also need to lớn confirm that the software license hasn’t already been used, as usually these are non-transferable. And generally we would advise against buying a used Mac (unless it’s certified refurbished).

For more information read: What version of macOS can my Mac run?

If a subscription to Photoshop isn’t for you, and Photoshop Elements isn’t enough, we recommend you look at our alternatives lớn Photoshop, many of which have comparable features with the benefit of being available to buy outright. We look at options including PixelMator Pro, Affinity Photo và others in Best Photoshop alternatives for Mac.

Is there an education discount for Photoshop?

Before we move on khổng lồ the various subscription models, there is one other way you can save money while getting a copy of Photoshop for your Mac.

If you are in education then you may qualify for a discount.

However, you can’t sign up for a reduced price on the Photoshop-only tier, you have to get the entire Creative Cloud collection, which obviously includes Photoshop, but you will get quite a hefty reduction.

At the time of writing, Students và Teachers pay £16.24/US$19.99/AU$21.99 a month, which is around 70% less than the normal subscription rate.


Photoshop for Mac price

If you have accepted that you need khổng lồ pay for a subscription to Photoshop you will want to lớn know how much it costs. There’s not actually a straightforward answer: it depends on how you want khổng lồ buy it.

Whether you love or hate the subscription model, there are a few options to lớn choose from if you want to lớn get a copy of Photoshop:

Photoshop: If you just want the single Photoshop phầm mềm you can have that for £19.97/$20.99/AU$29.99 a month if you sign up for a year, or £30.34/$31.49/AU$45.99 a month if you just pay on a monthly basis. Sign up on Adobe’s website.

Photography Plan: However, the Photography Plan is actually the best deal. It include Photoshop CC, Lightroom CC (for web và mobile), và Lightroom Classic CC (for desktop). That bundle costs £9.98/$9.99/AU$14.29 a month, but you will be on a contract for a year. You get 20GB storage included (there’s a 1TB storage option that costs about £10/$10/AU$14 more a month). Sign up on Adobe’s website.

Business: If you are a business user you ought to lớn sign up for the Business option where you can get a single Photoshop licence for £25.28 (ex VAT)/$33.99/AU$48.99 a month (inc GST). It’s worth noting that all the Adobe CC apps, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, and Acrobat, cost £59 (ex VAT)/$79.99/AU$116 a month. Sign up on Adobe’s website.


How khổng lồ cancel a Photoshop subscription

The ease with which you can kết thúc your Photoshop contract is one of the benefits of Adobe’s decision to lớn switch from selling copies of Photoshop outright lớn a subscription model.

It also means that you only need lớn pay for Photoshop for as long as you need it. So if it’s just for a short term project you can unsubscribe as soon as the work is done.

Here’s how lớn cancel your subscription:

Sign in khổng lồ your Adobe account.Under the My Plans tab find Manage Plan (or View plan) và click on that.Now click on Cancel plan.Give your reason for cancellation.Click on Continue.

Best alternatives khổng lồ Photoshop on Mac?

There is plenty of great photo & image manipulation software available on macOS, many of which come with lower price tags than the Adobe products. One of our favourites is Affinity Photo from Serif, which boasts a wide range of powerful tools, friendly interface & costs around £50/US$50. We’ve seen several promotions on the Serif site that has the program available at half price, which is an absolute steal.

At the time of writing, you could buy Affinity Photo for £23.99/$32.99 in one such offer, & we’d recommend you’d at least take a look if you want a top-quality image editor.

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Another popular choice is GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), which is completely miễn phí and comes with an incredible range of tools & features. The interface can take a little getting used to, which is not uncommon with open-source software, but once you get to know your way around, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve. There’s also a large collection of tutorials for the software on YouTube, so if you’re willing lớn put in the time then it’s a powerful suite that will cost you nothing at all.