By the simple virtue of browsing the website over the years, nearly all of us have seen a variety of pop-ups asking us to download or nâng cấp Flash Player for Mac. Usually, there’s little explanation involved, which leaves you thinking, “Do I really need khổng lồ install Adobe Flash Player on Mac?”

The short answer is no, you don’t. While Adobe officially ended tư vấn for Flash Player, you should avoid installing it. In this article, we suggest some good alternatives & explain how lớn uninstall Flash Player and stop it from affecting your system.

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Best alternative to lớn Flash Player for Mac

Luckily, you can play Flash formats using Elmedia Player on Mac. This robust player supports FLV và SWF, among many other media formats. It’s also a true gem in terms of playback control, curating playlists, bookmarking và screenshotting your videos, etc. So whatever media player you use on Mac, Elmedia will be an amazing replacement.


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Note: You might face some issues trying lớn play Flash movies with Elmedia on M1 Macs. Here’s what we recommend: Go to lớn Finder > Apps & find Elmedia Right-click it và choose Get Info. Then, kiểm tra “Open using Rosetta.” Quit and reopen Elmedia.

Elmedia Player is part of, an tiện ích subscription for macOS và iOS, which means you can try it for free! Apart from Elmedia, also covers other advanced video players such as Movist Pro, which has the best subtitle support settings we’ve ever seen.

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How to lớn install Adobe Flash Player on Mac

You can no longer install Adobe Flash Player on your Mac via the official Adobe website — which was the only legit method. You might find some articles that suggest workarounds, but we recommend avoiding them to keep your computer safe.

What’s very important, even if you don’t have Adobe Flash Player installed on Mac, you can still see pop-ups asking you khổng lồ install or update Flash when you’re browsing the web. Make sure you never click on any of those.

AdLock can help you block ads and pop-ups on your Mac. It’s easy to lớn customize, with flexible filters you can apply when you want to enable ad blocking only in certain apps.


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Tip: Pack your frequently visited trang web pages into MenubarX, a menu-bar browser that is lighter on your CPU, always at your fingertips, và with fewer annoying distractions.


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Completely uninstall Flash Player for Mac

There’s a lot of confusion with regards to deleting Flash Player. When you download Flash Player for Mac, it doesn’t install itself as an app, but rather integrates into your System Preferences. Hence removing Flash Player is not as easy as just dragging it lớn the Trash. Adobe has a whole page devoted to lớn the uninstallation process & makes you tải về a separate tool to delete Flash properly.

To remove Flash Player the Adobe way:

Download the uninstaller for your macOSOpen it as any app và follow the instructionsRestart your Mac.

However, due to the Flash Player’s pervasive presence on your Mac, it’s highly recommended that you use a professional third-party uninstaller lượt thích CleanMyMac X.


To uninstall Adobe Flash Player on Mac with CleanMyMac X:

Navigate to the Uninstaller tabSelect Adobe from VendorsCheck the box next to lớn Flash Player and click Uninstall.

Counter Flash limitations with

Overall, there are no reasons to tải về Flash Player for Mac today. Nearly all modern websites have switched to community-supported standards lượt thích HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. This is why we recommend uninstalling it completely if you still have it on your computer. What’s more, there are great alternative Mac players that can play Flash formats, such as Elmedia Player.

In addition, make sure you’re fully protected from any worst-case scenarios by checking for malware with CleanMyMac X và avoid clicking on any Flash-related ads with AdLock.

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Don’t feel lượt thích spending money on buying these professional apps? Then we’re happy to chia sẻ that Elmedia Player, Movist Pro, CleanMyMac X, AdLock, and MenubarX are available for you khổng lồ try for free, along with more than 240 high-end Mac và iPhone apps through subscription.