Never thua thảm precious files or expensive apps, and restore your system in a flash when needed.

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Make a replica of a Windows or macOS system even while it"s in use, without having khổng lồ stop & reboot. It"s the easiest way to lớn migrate all of your data — OS, files, apps and settings — lớn a larger or faster disk.
Control the nature of your backups. Select individual files & folders that you want specific replicas of when you don"t want a full image copy.
Sync files between computers or in the cloud so you can keep everything up-to-date on multiple devices.
Enjoy the enhanced speed, reliability và stability of restoring from the cloud for better overall performance, thanks khổng lồ new backup technologies.
Download copies of your previous backups at any time, ensuring you have a local copy ready for quick restoration even if your internet connection is compromised.
Keep working, playing, or surfing with continuous backups that capture changes as often as every five minutes. Set it và forget it — backups run in the background without affecting your computer"s performance.
Update backups up khổng lồ three times faster with our Change-Block Tracker công nghệ that follows modifications lớn an image in real-time.
Manage storage space by ensuring data isn"t duplicated. If a backup replication is interrupted, it resumes from where it stopped rather than restarting from the beginning.
Speed up the standard process for validating the effectiveness of your backups by only checking the latest version.
Keep up to 999 versions of your backup, if you want. Store them for as long as you require — unlike other backup solutions, we let you choose how long they"re kept.
Create WinPE boot media so you can recover from backup when your system won"t boot. Our WinPE builder allows you lớn select the drivers needed for better hardware compatibility.
Convert full image backups lớn a virtual hard disk format so you can run your system as a virtual machine. MacOSusers with Parallels Desktop 15 can recover backed up VMs as bootable files.
Protect the data stored on your game android device"s internal memory and SD storage cards to lớn ensure nothing is lost.

Advanced cybersecurity

Stop any cyberattack from harming your device & backup files, even if those threats have never been seen before.

Identify the security weaknesses in your OS and apps. Our vulnerability assessment tool evaluates if your computer is susceptible to any known vulnerabilities và recommends updates to keep you safe.
Keep your device và backup files safe from malicious activities. It blocks even never-seen-before threats by checking every tệp tin you interact with in real-time.
Block access to lớn malicious URLs that try lớn inject malware, ransomware & cryptojackers onto your system.
Ensure threats aren"t lurking on your computer by scanning for malware whenever you want. Choose a quick file scan or a full system scan to check everything.
Keep your data and privacy away from tin tặc attacks when videoconferencing via Zoom, Cisco Webex, or Microsoft Teams.

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Isolate potential threats in quarantine while you control exclusion lists that allow approved programs khổng lồ run uninterrupted.