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Target: Help Windows beginners find a suitable partition manager between Partition Master and Acronis Disk Director to partition and manage their disk space. Partition Master vs. Acronis Disk Director, which is better? Does Partition Master perform as the same as or even better than Acronis Disk Director? Are you having the same questions on your mind?

What Is The Difference Between Partition Master & Disk Director

Here on this page, we"ll be showing you an unbiased comparison between these two software and help you figure out which suits you better. Here is a brief guide list:

In this article, you"ll learn:

#1. What Is Partition Master và Acronis Disk Director#2. Target Users - Who Need These Two Software#3. Price, Support, Refund, and Purchase Details#4. Features Comparison#5. System Requirements#6. Security cấp độ - Malware Scan Result#7. Partition Master vs. Acronis Disk Director, Which Is Better for You

Note that the following information is real và comes from official websites và software tests on Partition Master và Acronis Disk Director. 

#1. What Is Partition Master and Acronis Disk Director Partition MasterAcronis Disk Director Partition Master offers hand features to lớn help you extend & manage partitions, clone và upgrade disks, migrate Windows OS lớn new SSD, and even convert MBR to lớn GPT by keeping your data intact.Acronis Disk Director delivers a set of powerful tools that work together to optimize your disk usage và protect your data.
Page Link: Link:

How to lớn Download: Partition Master - click the button here, & you can directly free download this tool.

Free Download Windows 11/10/8/7100% Secure

Acronis Disk Director - mở cửa the listed liên kết here in your browser, you"ll get access to download it:


Note: Register is a must for downloading a trial edition. It requires too much personal information.

Summary: It"s clear lớn see that both Partition Master and Acronis Disk Director are featured disk management tools for Windows users. However, Partition Master is easier to download and install for normal people. 

#2. Target Users - Who Need These Two Software 

From here, you"ll know if you are the target user of Partition Master và Acronis Disk Director. Partition Master: personal Windows users, small-business owners, IT professionals, etc.Acronis Disk Director: personal Windows users, small-business owners, IT professionals,etc.

Summary: Ordinary Windows users are the target users for both Partition Master và Acronis Disk Director.

#3. Price, Support, Refund, & Purchase Details

Here we"ll compare the pricing, software size, tư vấn status, và refund policy between Partition Master and Acronis Disk Director. If you need to lớn learn this essential information, follow and kiểm tra now. Partition MasterAcronis Disk Director
PricingMonthly Subscription: $19.95Yearly Subscription: $49.95Lifetime: $69.951 PC: $49.993 PCs: $49.99
Software Size67.8MB292MB
Support StatusSelf-reliance support: Support: Chat và Pre-sales Inquery: và 24 hours technical support Customer Serivice and Support: Support: & 24 hours technical support
Refund Policy30 Days Refund30 Days Refund for Annual Billing Products7 Days Refund for Monthly Billing Products
PurchaseBuy NowBuy Now

Summary: Partition Master offers more prices options for different users. It"s also lighter & portable partition manager software compared to Acronis Disk Director. partition manager software also has more và better technical tư vấn access than the Acronis partition wizard tool. One great thing is that Acronis has a more transparent policy for annual and monthly billing products.

#4. Features Comparison - Partition Master vs. Acronis Disk Director

In this part, you"ll learn the major features" differences and similarities in both Partition Master and Acronis Disk Director. And this will help you to lớn figure out which partition manager software can fulfill all your disk management demands. Let"s kiểm tra out:

Features ComparisonAcronis Disk Partition Master
Basic FeaturesCreate partitionsResize volumeMove volumeCopy volumeMerge volumeSplit volumeChange labelChange letterFormatDelete volumeChange cluster sizeCheckBrowse filesDefragmentEdit volumeHide or unhideChange partition typeCreate partitionsResize/move partitionsExtend/Shrink partitionsCopy partitionMerge partitions with a neighbor or non-adjacent volumesSplit partitionsChange drive labelChange drive letterDelete volumeFormat partitionsChange cluster sizeCheck file system errorExplore partitionSurface testHide or unhideWipe partitionConvert primary to logical or logical khổng lồ primaryDelete all partitions
Advanced FeaturesConvert basic khổng lồ dynamic or dynamic to lớn basicClean up diskEdit diskClone basic MBR disk onlyConvert MBR to GPT or vice versaPartition recoveryMigrate OS to lớn HDD/SSDClone and copy partitions, disksPartition recoveryWinPE CreatorWipe DiskConvert MBR khổng lồ GPT, or GPT khổng lồ MBRConvert Dynamic to Basic, or Basic to DynamicConvert NTFS khổng lồ FAT32, FAT32 lớn NTFS4K Alignment SSDNew Disk Guide

Summary: You can see it clearly from the above features comparison table between Partition Master và Acronis Disk Director và get the idea that Partition Master contains all the functions in Acronis partition software. Its basic and advanced features even surpass Acronis. 

For both Windows beginners and advanced users, Partition Master is more powerful and capable of fulfilling your multiple types of disk management and optimization tasks.

Free Download Windows 11/10/8/7100% Secure

Video nhận xét of Partition Master & Acronis Disk Director

Here are two clip reviews between Partition Master và Acronis Director, và you can follow them lớn view more details. Partition Master đoạn phim Review: Source - Robtech

Acronis Disk Director video clip Guide from Acronis: Source - Bagaudin Acronis

Note: To help most worldwide users follow & learn the details about both software, we found a video clip for Partition Master on YouTube và a đoạn clip for Acronis Disk Director from its official channel. We select the đoạn phim from the Acronis channel because most current review videos are not English.

Summary: From the two videos, you"ll see the basic UI design, software interface, & basic software operations in both two software. Partition Master is also far more designed with a better & clearer operation path.

#5. System Requirements of Partition Master và Acronis Disk Director

From here, you"ll know if these two disk manager software fully supports your current operating system, your storage devices, & your demands.

System Partition MasterAcronis Disk Director
Supported OSWindows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XPWindows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP
Supported file SystemsNTFSFAT32FAT16FAT12ReFSexFATEXT4EXT3EXT2FAT16 FAT32NTFSExt2Ext3ReiserFS3Linux SWAP
Hardware RequirementsCPU: at least with X86 or compatible CPU with main frequency 500MHzRAM: equal or larger than 512MBDisk space: hard disk drive with 100MB of available spaceCPU: 1 GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processorRAM: 512 MB or moreScreen resolution: 1024x768 or higherCD / DVD recording drive, or a flash drive for bootable media creation

Summary: The newest Windows 11 users are better supported by Partition Master. Partition Master has better file system tư vấn and compatibility than the Acronis disk manager. 

Free Download Windows 11/10/8/7100% Secure

#6. Security level Comparison - Virus & Malware Test Result Between and Acronis

This part mainly answers the questions of "Is Partition Master Malware" or "Does Acronis Disk Director Contains Malware". It also could be the last thing you might care about the most is whether two software contains malware or vi khuẩn in Partition Master & Acronis Disk Director.

Here we"ll use a famous online malware checking tool - VIRUSTOTAL to run and text malware in both software. Here are the actual scanning results. 

Malware thử nghiệm Tool:

Malware kiểm tra Result of Partition Master:


Malware test Result of Acronis Disk Director:


Summary: From the thử nghiệm result, it"s obvious that both Partition Master and Acronis Disk Director are all vi khuẩn clean & no malware is contained. Users can feel miễn phí to try either software to manage & optimize disk performance on their own.

#7. Partition Master vs. Acronis Disk Director, Which Is Better for You

According khổng lồ the above comparison information, you should have a clear clue about which tool is more suitable for you khổng lồ run.

Here we also danh sách some Pros & Cons based on the downloading và installation process between Partition Master và Acronis Disk Director. If you are interested, check this out: Partition MasterAcronis Disk Director
ProsDownloading: direct tải về accessInstallation duration: 3-5 minutesNo personal information or thư điện tử is required for installation.Free Edition works for basic disk management.Official site claims a 30-day trial support
ConsNo không lấy phí trial edition, only không tính phí edition availableDownloading: Requires names, email, company information to download.Installation Duration: 5+ minutes.Personal name and thư điện tử address are needed for installation.Installation may fail with an unstable network connection.

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Summary: It"s clear that Partition Master is much more user-friendly than Acronis Disk Director during the downloading & installation process. 


On this page, we thoroughly compared Partition Master & Acronis Disk Director from basic information, specifications, system requirements, feature comparison, security level with malware chạy thử results, etc., angels. 

All this information came from both sites and the software feature test & is all real. If you are still wondering which disk partitioning tool lớn select between Partition Master & Acronis Director, follow this page, and you"ll decide by selecting software as it deserves your trust.