I have used OCR software since soon after I got my first scanner sometime around 1995. To lớn get a useful result, you had to lớn "fiddle" with the contrast & density settings of the scanner, for nearly every page, & then manually correct an embarrassing number of read errors. (around trăng tròn to 30 per page).

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You could only get a plain text tệp tin from that first software I used, but that was still a long way better than asking my wife lớn retype the whole document. It meant the difference between getting a workable plain text tệp tin copy, & giving up without even trying.

About a year later I graduated lớn my first commercial OCR, (TypeReader Pro 4). That improved the "error count" to about 8-10 per page. However, eventually, upgrading khổng lồ a newer version of Windows rendered both the scanner & OCR software obsolete.

The new scanner (a Mustek 1200UB) came bundled with ABBYY FineReader Sprint version 4. Wow!! The error count now averaged only about 2-4 per page. Sprint 4 was also able to lớn reproduce formatting of the original, và save the results in .rtf format.

A need for a better scanner with a photo slide copying attachment led to purchase of an Epson V350. The choice was heavily influenced by the fact that it gave me both the slide copy feature, và ABBYY FineReader Sprint 6. The "error count" was about the same as for Sprint 4. However, now I could send the results direct khổng lồ a Word tệp tin which opened automatically, after recognition was completed.

However the very long "warm up" time of the Epson, made scanning a frustrating exercise for multi-page text documents, & it was quickly replaced by a Canoscan 8800F with virtually no warm up time. The downside was that, for my purposes, the bundled Omnipage SE 4.0 was a lot "clumsier" than FineReader. It was a "no contest" decision khổng lồ store the Epson Scanner in the shed, but continue khổng lồ use Sprint 6.0 with the Canon 8800F!! Now I had the best of both worlds.

Not long after that I became aware that ABBYY were selling their new FineReader PRO 9.0 locally. I was impressed with the features of the evaluation version, & quickly arranged lớn purchase a copy. (Competitor"s Sales Managers please lưu ý - ABBYY seems to lớn be about the only OCR software suppliers offering an evaluation version. I find it hard to lớn understand why, in today"s competitive world, the "others" haven"t tumbled khổng lồ the obvious benefits of that as a marketing ploy. A couple of generations ago, if we couldn"t sample it, we called it "buying a pig in a poke"! I still try, very hard, not to bởi vì that.)

Since then I have routinely upgraded to lớn FineReader PRO versions 10 & 11, as they became available.I have only had version 11 for about a week, so my experience is limited. However in the interest of giving it a thorough workout, I have now scanned some 10 pages or so of Times New Roman and Arial text, in which there hasn"t been a single "read error"!!

The really big personal bonus lies in ABBYY FineReader"s superior ability to recognise 19th century typefaces. This has always been hard. (Not surprising when you remember that many of these old documents were printed in small town print shops, using homemade hand cast lead type, with ink chất lượng depending on the "skills" of an apprentice who had to "paint" the ink onto the plates for each page.)

With older OCR software, "error counts" on these 19th century typefaces have been so high (sometimes upwards of 75-80%) that it simply wasn"t worth the effort of trying.

ABBYY FineReader PRO 11 offers a feature which can OCR a PDF file made from scanned images, to địa chỉ cửa hàng a searchable text hidden behind the images. I haven"t had time to fully evaluate this feature, but my early impression is that results are at least as good as Acrobat Standard X, and Nitro PDF PRO 6.2. (Both of which I have copies of, & have used occasionally for this purpose)

However, for my purposes, the really great feature is the ability to lớn OCR that same PDF file made from scanned images, và sent the result khổng lồ a Microsoft Word document, complete with original formatting!

I have only tested this feature on one document so far, but the results are truly amazing.The original file was a PDF made from scanned images of a 532 page book published in 1812.(The Racovian Catechism, English Translation from the Latin, by Thomas Rees -- 44 MB tải về , available online from: http://www.archive.org/download/racoviancatechis00reesuoft/racoviancatec... )

The original 44MB PDF became a 15MB searchable PDF file. & as a Word document it became a fully editable 3.6MB file.


A screen grab of a page from the 1812 Racovian Catechism, downloaded as a PDF file. Below is same page from the Word tệp tin generated with FineReader 11. The Word tệp tin is "as is" (including the 7.5pt phông size!) without any editing.


While less than 100% perfect, accuracy on such an ancient document is remarkable, khổng lồ say the least. For now I don"t want khổng lồ read the whole 532 pages khổng lồ guess at a number, but read errors are going to be very low, especially compared with previous experience of some that older OCR software. With a little reformatting of page size and font size, và a determined spell check, it will be quite useful as a reference document which is much easier to lớn use và much smaller lớn handle, than the original PDF.

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There were a very small number of pages (about 2%) where ABBYY FineReader said it had difficulty recognising the page, but I haven"t had time to investigate the causes.However when it did have problems it threw up a warning message noting the page number và the problem. These included things lượt thích "The fonts David does not contain some of the characters", or "Make sure the recognition language is turned on", or "The resolution of the source image is too small". That will make it easy to follow up later, if I ever need to.

IN SUMMARYABBYY FineReader 11 Professional EditionPRICE: $A199AVAILABILITY: http://finereader.abbyy.com/VERDICT: Would I recommend it? Well of course you need to evaluate it for your own local purposes which are bound khổng lồ be quite different from mine. However there is an evaluation version available. Và that is something you don"t seem to lớn be able khổng lồ get from most of the opposition. But for me? This new version 11 is so good I may never have lớn upgrade again!!