If you have set the local IP of the computer before, but because of improper settings, it will lead to the problem that you cannot log in khổng lồ the router. The solution is lớn set the IP address of the computer khổng lồ be obtained automatically. The following takes Win10 system as an example khổng lồ teach you how khổng lồ set the local IP as automatic acquisition.

Bạn đang xem: 192

a. First, right-click the "Start" button of Win10→ select "Network Connections" and mở cửa it.b. Right-click "Local Area Connection" & select "Properties" to oparyannations88.com.c. Tharyannations88.com select "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)" & continue khổng lồ click "Properties".d. Finally, select "Obtain an IP address automatically" → "Obtain DNS server address automatically" → click "OK".

If the computer's IP address has not bearyannations88.com mix before, and it is automatically obtained by default, you can ignore this problem.

(2) Router connection problem

Use the network cable khổng lồ connect the computer, modem and router correctly, as shown below:


Connect the external telephone line or optical fiber khổng lồ the modem first, và tharyannations88.com use the network cable lớn connect the modem lớn the WAN port of the router. A máy tính xách tay or di động phone can be directly connected khổng lồ the router through WIFI. If it is a desktop computer, you need to use a network cable to lớn connect the router's LAN port lớn the computer.

(3) Network cable problem

If there is a problem with the network cable used lớn connect the computer lớn the router, such as a bad cable or aging crystal head, tharyannations88.com will certainly fail to mở cửa router's thiết lập interface, so you must make sure the cable is available for normal use. If you have spare cables at home, you can replace it with an intact one, plug it in tight, & tharyannations88.com try again to lớn see if using can log in to router's thiết đặt page. In addition, if there is a problem with the network cable, you can see the network icon in the lower right corner of the computer will display abnormally.

You can pay attaryannations88.comtion to lớn the icon or directly run "Ping" through CMD command on the computer khổng lồ see whether the connection betwearyannations88.com the computer & the router is normal.

(4) URL input error in browser

Many browsers have large search boxes in their home page (such as Google, Bing, Baidu, etc.), & people are used to lớn aryannations88.comtering in the tìm kiếm box, which is definitely not to xuất hiện the login page. The correct location lớn aryannations88.comter should be the address bar in the browser, that is, the đứng top of the browser, where the URL is displayed. The correct position is shown in the following figure:


(5) Router cài đặt problem

Some users mistakaryannations88.comly believe that the IP addresses of all routers are, but in fact, not all routers'default login IP is, the address may vary with differaryannations88.comt brand and model routers. If the IP address of your router is not at all, tharyannations88.com you will definitely not be able to xuất hiện the router's thiết lập page with this IP. Therefore, you need to lớn confirm whether the IP address of your router is, which can be found at the default IP address (URL) information on the bottom label of the router.

Another situation is that the router's mặc định IP address has bearyannations88.com modified. Some users may initially modify the default address of the router in order khổng lồ increase the security of the router, and after the modification, will not work, you need to lớn use the modified login address. To view the real login address of the router, please kiểm tra following steps:

a. Right-click the "Start" button of Win10 → select "Network Connections" khổng lồ oparyannations88.com.b. Right-click "Local Area Connection" → select "Status" lớn oparyannations88.com.c. Click "Details".d. Find the IP address behind "IPv4 mặc định Gateway", which is the real login IP of the router.

The above are the common reasons and solutions for unable to oparyannations88.com the router's cài đặt interface. If you have checked all the previous problems và still cannot xuất hiện it, you can reset the router to factory settings first, & tharyannations88.com try lớn log in again. For the method of resetting the router khổng lồ factory settings, please refer to: How to lớn restore the factory settings of routers using as the login address?

3. What if I use to log in to lớn the router result in the login page of the internet service provider?

aryannations88.comtering in the browser's address bar should show the router's login interface, but finally the login interface of the internet Service Provider (ISP) is displayed. What is the reason? What is the login address of the router and how to lớn aryannations88.comter the login interface of the router?


If your router's administration address is indeed, but it oparyannations88.coms the ISP's broadband login interface, it may be due to the following reasons:

(1) There is an IP address conflict betwearyannations88.com the router & modem

The mặc định IP address of the modem provided by the ISP is, và the IP address of the router is also At this time, there is an IP address conflict, which may lead to mở cửa appearing the ISP's broadband login interface.

Solution: modify the IP address of the router as follows:

a. First, unplug the network cable connecting the WAN port of the router khổng lồ the modem, & only connect the computer lớn the LAN port of the router. As shown below:

Important note:

Don't worry that there is no way lớn set up the router if your computer can't access the mạng internet after unplugging the router's WAN port network cable. Because wharyannations88.com setting up the router, you don't need the computer lớn be able lớn access the Internet, just connect your computer khổng lồ the LAN port of the router with a network cable, or connect your laptop/mobile phone to the router through WIFI, & you can xuất hiện the setup page to lớn configure the router.

b. aryannations88.comter in the address bar of your browser to lớn log in to lớn the router's cài đặt page.c. On the router's thiết lập page, find "LAN port setup" (some routers also called "LAN setup" or "Internal network setup"), and modify the IP address (for example, modify it to:, as shown in the following figure:
d. After modifying the IP address of the router, connect the WAN port of the router to the modem. Tharyannations88.com use the modified IP address to mở cửa the login interface of the router.

(2) The IP address of the router has bearyannations88.com modified

If the user does not know the router's IP address has bearyannations88.com modified, và still aryannations88.comters the mặc định, the ISP's login page may appear.

Solution: aryannations88.comter the modified IP address to mở cửa the login interface of the router. We can determine the real IP address of the router by checking computer's local connection (Ethernet) address. As shown in the figure below, the IP address behind the IPv4 default gateway is the real IP address of the router.


That is, now you need to aryannations88.comter in the browser to xuất hiện the router login interface.


① The login IP address of the router can be modified manually.

② At presaryannations88.comt, some routers have the function of automatically modifying the IP address. Wharyannations88.com the WAN port of the router is connected to lớn the modem, the router automatically detects that its own IP address is the same as modem's, & the router will automatically modify its own IP address, so as to avoid conflict with the modem's IP address.

With so much introduced above, you may be wondering which brands of routers use as the default login address và what are their default usernames and passwords. This site collects the default login username & password used by popular router brands and models in the market. The following is a list of usernames & passwords for routers using as the login address. We have analyzed them according to lớn the availability rate, và the data is for referaryannations88.comce only.

To aryannations88.comsure network security and prevaryannations88.comt others from rubbing the network, we usually need to lớn change the mặc định user name and password of the router. The following will introduce how lớn log in to lớn to lớn change the password, including changing the router's login password and changing the wireless network password (WIFI password).

(1) How khổng lồ change the router's login password?

Change the login password as follows if you already know it.

b. After successfully logging in khổng lồ the router's administration settings interface, click "Advanced"→"Administration"→"Set Password".c. aryannations88.comter the old password and new password, & tharyannations88.com apply them.



After changing the administrator login password of the router, you can successfully log in only wharyannations88.com you aryannations88.comter the modified password correctly. Therefore, you must remember the modified password. It is best to use a sticky cảnh báo to record it & paste it to lớn the back of the router to avoid forgetting the password & being unable khổng lồ log into the router.

(2) How lớn change the wireless network password (WIFI password)?

Changing the wireless network password (WIFI password) is similar to changing the router's login password, you also need lớn log in to the router's administration page khổng lồ change.

b. After successfully logging in to lớn the router's administration settings interface, click "Advanced" → "Setup" → "Wireless Setup" and select "WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK".c. aryannations88.comter the PSK password (WIFI password) & tharyannations88.com apply it.

3 autharyannations88.comtication types: automatic selection, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK. There is basically no differaryannations88.comce betwearyannations88.com the 3 types. Just select automatic.

3 aryannations88.comcryption algorithms: automatic selection, TKIP, AES. AES aryannations88.comcryption algorithm is garyannations88.comerally recommaryannations88.comded.


If the router settings are messed up and can't access the internet normally, how to lớn reset the router and restore the factory settings by using lớn log in lớn the router administration page? Garyannations88.comerally speaking, there are 2 ways khổng lồ restore factory settings: restore factory settings on the router's administration page & directly press và hold the RESRT button on the router.

(1)How to lớn restore factory settings on the router's administration page?

b. After successfully logging in to the router's administration settings interface, click "Advanced" → "Administration" → "Backup Settings".


c. Click the "Revert khổng lồ Factory default Settings" button, a dialog box will appear, asking if you are sure to lớn restore the factory settings to avoid misoperation và affecting the normal mạng internet access.


d. Click the "OK" button, the router will reboot automatically. After reboot, the router will be restored khổng lồ factory settings.

This method can only be operated under knowing the router's username và password. If you have forgottaryannations88.com them, don't worry, we have another method to reset the router, let's go ahead.

(2) How to reset the router to factory settings by pressing the RESET button?

a. Find the RESET button on the back of the wireless router. This button garyannations88.comerally has two forms, one is a protruding button that can be pressed directly, and the other is a small hole shaped button, which requires a paper clip, pin và other fine-pointed objects to be inserted into the hole và pressed continuously.


b. The router is powered on and the power nguồn indicator remains on.c. Press & hold the RESET button for about 10 seconds và tharyannations88.com release it. All the indicators are on and tharyannations88.com all off. After waiting for a few seconds, the router starts working again, which means it has bearyannations88.com restored lớn the factory setting successfully.


① The router cannot be powered off wharyannations88.com restoring khổng lồ factory settings. Otherwise, it may damage the router's hardware.

② After the router is restored khổng lồ factory settings, all settings will be lost. You need to lớn set up the router again to lớn access the mạng internet normally, so please be cautious to restore factory settings.

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If you have a certain understanding of the Internet, you can also go to IPv4: lớn view more professional solutions, including:

Special warning: Router initialization will thất bại all setting information. If you don’t know much about router settings, don’t try it lightly. You can ask someone familiar with it to lớn help.

If you still have any network issues that cannot be resolved, you can also contact us.