UAE-based ZPN.IM advertises “best không lấy phí VPN” and protection from hackers & surveillance và a generous 10 GB monthly data.

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Why Choose ZPN.IM VPN

Their paid plans offer access khổng lồ servers in 28 countries, unlimited bandwidth and data, P2P support, và access lớn streaming services. But numerous red flags popped up during this review, và I’m inclined to lớn tag this provider as “NOT Recommended” or possibly “Discontinued.” But their smartphone apps have never been removed from the ứng dụng stores.

Best VPN for

Netflix, Hulu, and streaming onlineTorrenting và downloadingSecurity và privacy

Works on









Free VPN without registration on mobileP2P allowedSupports OpenVPN


Impossible lớn register an accountUnresponsive serviceSlow speedsNo customer serviceAd-supportedContradictory ToS and Privacy Policy

Pricing and Plans offers three subscription models. Their most popular plan is the không tính tiền VPN with a generous 10 GB monthly quota, which is something you won’t find with other free VPNs. It allows one connection, five hệ thống locations, & no logs. The không tính phí plan doesn’t allow P2P và limits your bandwidth.Except for you can’t register an account. I never got my verification email, even though I tried registering on three occasions, using three different emails, at different times throughout the past month. I sent their support a couple of emails only to lớn get an automatic reply my messages could not be delivered. Never a good sign.


At this point, I vày not recommend anyone buying any of the paid plans or count on their seven-day refund policy. Their điện thoại plan is $2.99/mo, $7.47/3 months, or $23.88/year with 50 GB quota, one connection, 20+ hệ thống locations, and P2P support. You get unlimited bandwidth here. Their Premium plan kicks in at $9.99/mo, $23.97/3 months, và $71.88/year và allows up to five simultaneous connections, 20+ vps locations, P2P, & unlimited bandwidth. They accept credit cards, PayPal, & Bitcoin.

But you can try their free mobile VPN without a subscription. It’s limited lớn several hours a day và five vps locations, và it’s the most risk-free way of testing the service.



ZPN VPN offers software for Windows, Android, & iOS devices. Since there was no way khổng lồ get a response from their support, I couldn’t kiểm tra their desktop application but took a couple of screenshots. It looks dated & poorly scaled.I tested their android app on two occasions three weeks apart. In November, the free VPN for unregistered users seemed to work. The tiện ích is user-friendly, & at that time it was more or less functional.

In December, it only connected lớn a US server và then lost connection altogether. My Samsung Galaxy tablet shut down itself when ZPN crashed.


User đánh giá list similar problems. Make it a habit to lớn always read user đánh giá before installing smartphone apps. The tiện ích might have a great 4.3 rating, but the negative đánh giá are detailed and informative whereas the positive reviews mostly come from Indian users and say nothing but “great app.” The pattern is typical of black-hat pumping up ứng dụng ratings through paid user reviews.

Their mobile tiện ích lets you tweak how you want ZPN to run, showroom apps you wish khổng lồ run through its VPN, choose the gateway, VPN Protocol (OpenVPN included), & even enable the battery saving feature, which pauses VPN when the device screen is blanked.

Their Windows desktop phầm mềm bundles a kill switch và a few more nifty perks, if only it had worked.



When the mobile tiện ích worked, it didn’t leak my DNS, WebRTC or IPv6:


My di động speeds were slow, & the ZPN VPN chopped from that, too:


Netflix refused to let me stream while I was connected to lớn ZPN VPN on Android:


BBC iPlayer recognized I wasn’t in the UK, even though the security tests revealed no leaks:


Privacy and Security

Someone once said it’s useful lớn ignore everything that precedes “but” in a statement because it’s usually voided by what follows. This looks to lớn be the case with ZPN.The company appears khổng lồ be registered in the Arab Emirates, but the details about the business are scarce. I’ve found a reference khổng lồ Vostok Soft Fzc. Registered in the United Arab Emirates, listing two employees. A WhoIs lookup lists Zlatan Mihail from Nuremberg, Germany as the site owner. The tên miền expires in 2021. A quick Google search reveals “Vostok” is Russian for East, so the company might have some Slavic or German roots. This may be nothing, but the social media accounts have been silent since December 2015. The company’s ToS và Privacy Policy aren’t long but contradictory. The provider does not store your information other than the thư điện tử you provide at sign up, but:


The above suggests the VPN does not monitor your activity when you are connected to their VPN but may vì so when compelled. The provider shares your information with affiliated partners, and the mobile ứng dụng is ad-supported, which might be justified by the zero dollars price tag. But considering the lack of response from the provider, it looks lượt thích a plain scam.

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Do you even understand what that means?ZPN allows torrenting except for when using their UK, US, Canadian, và Australian servers, but the following clause suggests censorship và usage monitoring:


Final Thoughts

I couldn’t confirm if ZPN was discontinued or still active. Its smartphone apps haven’t been updated for over a year; verification emails never come; social media accounts have been silent for the past two years; support is impossible to reach. Yet, some servers appear lớn be working. I vì chưng not recommend buying anything from this provider or installing their mobile adware. Their business mã sản phẩm isn’t conducive to your privacy.