"Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of YHVH: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew Him not."                                                                                                                                                                   1 John 3:1

The Truth is Like a Lion - You don't need to defend it - Set it Loose - It WILL defend itself ! 

Today Western Civilization suffers from a political climate that is at a stage of digression. A digression so severe, that most likely it will not survive. What is happening to Western lands and Western peoples is it's subjugation by a foreign enemy.  An enemy of a foreign blood, a foreign culture and a foreign religious ideology. In fact several foreign religious ideologies have entered the scene as a result of the decay caused by diversity and tolerance. This is a most clear and present danger to Western civilization.

All of Western civilization by nature is a culture of a religious ideology that is Christian. All other religions are essentially anti-Christian. But no other religion is as anti-Christian as Judaism. No not even Islam. In fact Judaism is antithesis to Christianity. And Christianity is anathema to Judaism. In other words, Christianity is the arch enemy of Judaism. And Judaism should be and is the arch enemy of Christianity unbeknownst to the majority of Western Christendom.

Therefore we will fight. Not because we want to, but because we must. The fight is being thrust upon us because of the will our people have to live as a dead and decadant society. A people who will not see, will not hear and will not understand the fate that has been written on the wall of destiny. A people who will not think for themselves but leave it to the talking heads of the mass media as well as our Senates, our Congresses and our Parliaments. Not to mention the various enemies of Western Christendom disguised as “Evangelical Christians” who also use the mass media as a mechanism to bring International Jewry’s Communist control to our shores through the guise of diversity and the brotherhood of man. For utter destruction and slavery is our destiny should we continue to walk contrary to that which is good for our nations.

So when the time of battle comes, let us answer the call with a resolute vigor and determination emblematic of the Greek army led by Leonidas at the Battle of Thermopylae when he responded with Molon Lave' (come and take) to the Persian demand that they lay down their arms and surrender.

As history would have it, the Greek army suffered a defeat that day but they still inflicted severe damage on the Persian army and held Thermopylae for three days.  It was this defiant response, “come and take our weapons” that eventually served as inspiration to the Greek forces to crush the Persians at the Battle of Salamis and the Battle of Plataea.

Western Man, who are the progeny of the builders of the great civilizations of Greece and Rome have it within our spirit by a direct blood relationship with the creator of the universe to be conquerors, survivors and rulers. Therefore; because this present world government is founded upon the flawed theory of equality it will decay and crumble. When it does, anarchy will reign in our streets and we must remember to follow the courageous examples set by many of our forebearers, if we as a people do not wish to perish.  Molon Lave' !